Othello Summary and characters by William Shakespeare

  The William Shakespeare Play Othello was published in 1604 and till date it is considered the most unique of shespearean tragedies, unlike Macbeth, King bear and Hamlet. Many might find the play Lengthy so we had written the summary version with the Characters for easy understanding.
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   In Act 1 Scene 1of the play the stage opens at a street in Venice showing  Roderigo a foolish rich Venetian who has been telling Lago to help him woo Desdemona but instead he hears Desdemona is married to Othello the General who Lago hate for not making him the lieutenant instead he gives the position to Cassio an inexperienced soldier, so Lago and Roderigo planned and told Brabantio (Desdemona father) that Othello has stolen and married her daughter  Desdemona on hearing this Brabantio took some officers to find Othello, in  Act 1 Scene 2 of the play the playwright shows us how Brabantio accused Othello in the presence of the assembled senate of using witchcraft to marry her daughter but the Senate believed Othello when he told them how he won Desdemona heart through the stories of his war adventures and the Senates told him to get set for the trip to Cyprus in order to aid in the defence against the Turks.

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  Act 1 Scene 4 of the play moves to Cyprus where the Turkish ship has been capsized by a storm. When Othello arrives he declares a party to celebrate Cyprus safety from the Turks, after the party Roderigo complains to Lago that he has no chance to get Desdemona from Othello but Lago assures him that Desdemona will leave Othello and seek love from outside so they  both planned and made Cassio drunk while Roderigo pick up a fight with him, while Roderigo and Cassio was fighting Cassio stabs Roderigo, which made Othello angry so he striped off Cassio rank as the Lieutenant. Later Lago assures Cassio that he can get him back into Othello good graces by using Desdemona as an intermediary, In a soliloquy Lago tells us he is going to frame Cassio and Desdemona as Lovers to make Othello jealous. In Act 3 Scene 3 the stage begins in the  garden of the castle with Desdemona  assuring Cassio that she would do everything possible to make her husband accept him back as Cassio was about to leave he saw Othello and Lago but passed them without uttering a word. Othello became unwell because Lago keep telling him about the relationship between his wife and Cassio. Soon Desdemona realizes that Othello is feeling unwell she offers him her handkerchief to wrap around his head but she finds it too little so it fell on the floor, when Emilia found it she gives it to Lago who plants it in Cassio room as evidence of the relationship between Cassio and Desdemona, when Othello asked for proof Lago told him he saw Cassio wipe his face with Desdemona handkerchief when Othello asks Desdemona of the handkerchief she could not find it, this made Othello to believe Desdemona unfaithfulness so he plans to kill Desdemona in bed while Roderigo plot to kill Cassio but he misses his mark instead Cassio injures him but Lago wounds him and ran away, when Othello heard Cassio cry he taught he was dead so he smothers Desdemona to death when Emilia entered the room Desdemona tells her death story before she finally dies, when Emilia heard this she raised alarm Montano, Graziano, Lago entered the room and they opened the truth Othello lunges on Lago but was disarmed by Montano, Lago then stabbed Emilia in dismay an ran away but he was caught and Othello stabs him again and gave his final words before he stabs himself.

Characters in Othello by William Shakespeare 

Brabantio - He is a Senator and the father of Desdemona.
Gratiano -The brother to Brabantio.
Lodovico - Kinsman to Brabantio
Othello - (The play protagonist) A black noble moor in the service of the venetian State.
Cassio - Othello lieutenant Officer
Lago - (The play Antagonist) His Ancient
Roderigo - A venetian gentleman and a jealous suitor to Desdemona.
Montano - Governor of Cyprus
Clown - Servant of Othello
Desdemona - The Daughter of Branbantio and wife of Othello
Emilia - Wife to Lago
Bianca - Mistress to Cassio

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NOTE: This summary version is Just for easy learning, for exam purposes kindly read the full text.

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