10 recommended courses to study in Nigeria

   This is what students have debated about,  many would say, anything studied in higher institution  should be regarded  useless or rather unimportant to the society. It is true occupation studied in University is useless or rather unimportant but take it or leave it there are still some courses you would not rather study in Nigeria, some would say they are just a waste of 4 years, so they are not recommended to study because of their marketability and lucrativeness. Lolz

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So, in today's post we will be emphasizing on the 10 best recommended courses to study in Nigeria. these are marketable and professional occupation and they are also very lucrative, after reading this post you would surely love them and see the one that best fits you base on your department.

2. Accounting
3. Pharmacy
4. Law
5. Nursing
6. Marketing
7. Petroleum engineering
8. Estate management
9. Mass communication
10. Computer engineering and information technology 

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10. Computer Engineering and Information Technology

  Many of you might be wondering why Computer Engineering and Information Technology  is among this list, you don't have to worry about it, we all know we are in the computer age (era) and every company  would need a computer to function, that is were you come in, any graduate of computer engineering and information technology can work with them.

9. Mass Communication

Mass communication photo

Mass communication is a marketable and lucrative occupation which many art students don't know, so with Mass Communication as top 9 art students should stop considering only law to be the best in the Art.
  A graduate that studied mass communication can work in many places which could be in an embassy, radio station, television station, newspapers industry etc... A mass communication graduate can also be self employed by becoming a freelance journalist, so i don't why it should be underrated.

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8. Estate Management

Estate management  photo

 Estate management is one of the best,  although it is not a competitive one but it is very marketable and also lucrative. Although it is underrated in Most countries in Africa but outside Africa  it is being rushed,  as the development of the country increases  so will the buildings also, many people will need estate managers to manage their buildings(estate).

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7. Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering photo

I don't think this being on the list would be surprising to anyone reading this post, because we all know about the huge some of money paid to petroleum engineers. As a Petroleum Engineer working in a Oil industry you wouldn't only be paid sum huge amount of money as salary, you would also be given a personal car and house, the only issue most petroleum engineering graduates get is to acquire a job, it usually hard to get a job but when you find one, it will be a life changing one.

6. Marketing

Marketing  photo

Oh Yes!!!! No doubts marketing is one of the best around the world and it is also a well paying one. A good marketer can make money, i mean lots of money from marketing. A good marketer should not only make money from salary, he can also make money from the commission on every goods sold from him, its cool isn't it, yes that is why it is on the list it should not be underrated by the social science students.

5. Nursing

Nursing photo

Are you surprise to see this as the 5th ?. According to research made Nursing is now one of the marketable and lucrative occupation girls engage in.

  Despite all the talk of lack of employment good nurses are still being needed to work always, any nurse  can testify this, you hardly see an unemployed nurse except he/her do not have good qualifications for the job.

4. Law

Law  photo

Law has always being and would always be among the most sort after occupation for Art students around the world, i don't know if it is because of the black and white but it's reputation has made it one of the most competitive one to study.

  Research shows that over 65% of art students at Senior Secondary School (SSS) level would always say they want to become a lawyer when they are being asked what they want to read, but due to the competition many end up reading other courses they didn't plan up for, which could be because their higher institution changed their course for not reaching Law requirements. Any one who wants to read law  should get at least 250 in his or her JAMB, which would boost your chances during post utme
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3. Pharmacy

Pharmacy  photo

  We all know that pharmacist base on drugs, am sure also know how well paying medicinal departments are, although pharmacy is competitive,  but after you graduate you will reap for all the struggles, A pharmacist do not only make money from being employed instead it also offers their students the chance to be self alliance by opening your pharmaceutical company anywhere. That's why you hardly see pharmacist looking for jobs, so why won't it be the best

2. Accounting

Accounting  photo

 Accounting is one of a kind it is a marketable occupation  and also a well paying one, , a working place for an accountant is limitless which means they can work in any professional organisation (company).An accountant who studied at a professional level (university) can work in a school, supermarket, bank, hotel etc. That was why i said their working place is limitless that's why it's the 2nd.


Medicine and Surgery photo

This is no doubt the number one, Medicine and Surgery is best when studied in Nigeria or Abroad, it deals with treatment, the more people sick the more doctors will be needed,  medicine and Surgery made it as the number 1 (one) because it is the best anywhere in the World , any good graduate of medicine and surgery do not usually search for job, many are being given automatic employment.

To study medicine  is very hard because it is very competitive, in some universities even with Jamb score of 270 you might not be given admission, instead they will change it to pharmacy.

PLEASE NOTE : this list is  compiled based on experience and also through research made if you have any opinion or more to add to the list kindly use the comment box below to drop them i will be glad see them.


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