Best steps to check your 2019 CAPS admission status

  The Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) CAPS admission status has given a lot of students hard time to check so in this tutorial i will be listing out the best steps to check the 2018/2019 admission status but before i proceed i will tell you what CAPS is.

 CAPS simply means the Central Admission Processing System, it was formed by Jamb during the 2017/2018 session to reduced the corruption in admission process and also make it more faster.


Use Chrome or any browser with desktop view for this steps

1. Go to jamb website
jamb log in page

2. When you open the site you
   will be required to log in just put
    in your email address and
    password you used to
caps admission status box

3. After you have log in you will
    see a welcome notice just move
    down on the page you will see
  check caps admission status box
   click on it, after you click on it
    you'll will be redirected to the
    caps page if you are using a
    computer you will see the caps
    option but if it's a phone you
    will only see WELCOME, this is
    where students get confuse but
    you don't have to be, the caps
    page shows only welcome
    because it requires  desktop
    mode to view the complete
4. This is why the chrome
    browser is recommended just
    go to Chrome option and
    choose request desktop site for    
    the complete page to display,
    when it display click on
    admission status to view your

After following this you will see a a page showing your jamb score and also your status if you are admitted just click on accept button but if you don't want the course you can also click the reject button.

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