Art Literature Novels Summary for Jamb, Waec and Neco 2016-2020

Summary of 2016-2020 required literature art text for Jamb/Neco/Waec
 Many , Jamb, Waec and Neco art candidates always had the problem of not understanding their required or recommended novels after reading it, some would say the diction used is  the text are confusing while others would say the size of the book  is too enormous to comprehend, so we have written all the 2016-2020 stories you need in a summary version.

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 In Act 1 Scene 1of the play the stage opens at a street in Venice showing  Roderigo a foolish rich Venetian who has been telling Lago to help him woo Desdemona but instead he hears Desdemona is married to Othello the General who Lago hate for not making him the lieutenant instead he gives the position to Cassio an inexperienced soldier, so Lago and Roderigo planned and told Brabantio (Desdemona father) that Othello has stolen and married her daughter  Desdemona on hearing this Brabantio took some officers to find Othello, in  Act 1 Scene 2 of the play the playwright shows us how Brabantio accused Othello in the presence of the assembled senate of using witchcraft to marry her daughter but the Senate believed Othello when he told them how he won Desdemona heart through the stories of his war adventures and the Senates told him to get set for the trip to Cyprus in order to aid in the defence against the Turks.
  Act 1 Scene 4 of the play moves to Cyprus where the Turkish ship has been capsized by a storm. When Othello arrives he declares a party to celebrate Cyprus safety from the Turks, after the party Roderigo complains to Lago that he has no chance to get Desdemona from Othello but Lago assures him that Desdemona will leave Othello and seek love from outside so they  both planned and made Cassio drunk while Roderigo pick up a fight with him, while Roderigo and Cassio was fighting Cassio stabs Roderigo, which made Othello angry so he striped off Cassio rank as the Lieutenant. Later Lago assures Cassio that he can get him back into Othello good graces by using Desdemona as an intermediary, In a soliloquy Lago tells us he is going to frame Cassio and Desdemona as Lovers to make Othello jealous. In Act 3 Scene 3 the stage begins in the  garden of the castle with Desdemona  assuring Cassio that she would do everything possible to make her husband accept him back as Cassio was about to leave he saw Othello and Lago but passed them without uttering a word. Othello became unwell because Lago keep telling him about the relationship between his wife and Cassio. Soon Desdemona realizes that Othello is feeling unwell she offers him her handkerchief to wrap around his head but she finds it too little so it fell on the floor, when Emilia found it she gives it to Lago who plants it in Cassio room as evidence of the relationship between Cassio and Desdemona, when Othello asked for proof Lago told him he saw Cassio wipe his face with Desdemona handkerchief when Othello asks Desdemona of the handkerchief she could not find it, this made Othello to believe Desdemona unfaithfulness so he plans to kill Desdemona in bed while Roderigo plot to kill Cassio but he misses his mark instead Cassio injures him but Lago wounds him and ran away, when Othello heard Cassio cry he taught he was dead so he smothers Desdemona to death when Emilia entered the room Desdemona tells her death story before she finally dies, when Emilia heard this she raised alarm Montano, Graziano, Lago entered the room and they opened the truth Othello lunges on Lago but was disarmed by Montano, Lago then stabbed Emilia in dismay an ran away but he was caught and Othello stabs him again and gave his final words before he stabs himself.



At the Chapter one of the novel the reader is introduced to yaremi a widow of Ajumobi who died nine full moon ago she is now left alone to prepare heaps and raise crops all by herself, she does not only lose her husband as the bread winner but widowhood also robs her of her value,  later yaremi also learn to bear and accept life circumstances and move on with her taffeta business and farm work.
  In Chapter 9 we were led into the mind of the novelist by showing us the lifestyle of the Kufi people whose best choice of life is polygamy. In this same chapter we are exposed to three characters trying to marry Yaremi, Ayanwale the drummer, Olonade the wood carver and Lanwa the farmer, according to the custom and tradition of the Kufi people a widow is expected to remarry on the Cap Picking ceremony and Yaremi is presented three suitors and she is expected to pick one but she refuses to pick anyone, the elders became angry so they said she contravened the tradition of widowhood injunction so she must be ostracized and she must go into exile.

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The novel first start with Bigger Thomas waking up in a dark one room at the sound of the alarm clock and suddenly a rat appears, after the violent chase Bigger claims the life of the rat.
 The novel is about Bigger Thomas a poor uneducated twenty year old black boy from Chicago. Bigger grew up under harsh racial prejudice in the 1930s, he could not aim anything good instead his mother nags him to work for Mr Dalton as a chauffeur. On the first day of work Bigger Thomas drives Mary and Jan(his communist friend), in order to prove their racial tolerance Mary and Jan forces Bigger Thomas to take them to a restaurant after the show at the restaurant they both got drunk while Bigger drives them back home they both make out in the back seat, Mary is so drunk that she can't make it to her bedroom so Bigger carries her to her bedroom but due to his unprecedented proximity to a young white lady he began to kiss her as he was kissing her Mary blind mother entered the room, though Bigger Thomas knew that Mrs Dalton could not see him but he was worried that in Mary drunken state she could reveal his presence so he covered her face with a pillow but he mistakenly suffocate her, Bigger tries to cover up his crime so he Burnt the body in the Dalton furnace and pretended to know nothing, later the body was found through her earrings so Bigger flees with Bessie (his girlfriend) to an uncompleted building where he rapes her, however Bigger was captured and sentenced to death  (electric chair).

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 At the beginning of the novel the reader is introduced to Fofo a fourteen year old street girl who spends her night on a old cardboard in front of the provision store at Agbogbloshie market. We are told that she lives with other street children across the road at the squatters enclave known as Sodom and Gomorrah. Fofo sister Baby T was sexually abused by her step father Kpakpo and was killed by the deadly poison and her body was dumped behind a hair dressing salon.
  When Maa Tsuru(Fofo mother) tells Fofo that Baby T mutilated body has been found dead Fofo sets out to seek justice for her murdered sister, in a twist of fate she finds Kabria who is married to Adade with three kids Obea, Essie and Ottu she works with MUTE a non governmental organization that function as an interventionist, philanthropist and alternative library for every social, gender and child abuse with the investigation done by (MUTE) they discovered that Poison, Onko, Maami Broni had hands in the death of Baby T and could be hold responsible.
 The novel ended with an epilogue telling the reader how the spirit of Baby T made Onko commit suicide while Maami Broni confesses all their deeds.

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The Castle Of Otranto is a tale of romantic love which is unconsummated, in the Chapter one there was to be a wedding between the sickly young prince, Federick has been away at the crusade so Manfred persuades Isabella to marry Conrad who is just 15 years. On the morning of the wedding some servants found the dead body of Conrad under a mysterious helmet large enough to fit a giant. There was a prophecy that prefigured the present event but it was confusing so no one understood it.
   The people became worried because Manfred had no other son to take the throne, so he therefore forced Isabella to marry him, when Isabella discovers  his plans she escapes with the help of Theodore who Manfred accuses of stealing an helmet from Alfonso tomb and used it to crush the head of the young prince, when Theodore was about to be executed Jerome (priest) realizes that Theodore was his son so Manfred spared him.
After Manfred mistakenly stab her daughter he repented and Theodore true lineage was revealed making him the true prince of Otranto, as Manfred left the castle Theodore took over the title and married Isabella.


The play opens with Maligu the king adviser and Soko (chief priest) Maligu was telling soko about the coming of a stranger, to the people of Mando strangers are referred to sickness, disease and war so he want soko to lie to the people that the strangers are the coming of the art of the gods and if they are rejected the gods will be angry and if the people accept the stranger(Whitehead) they would be rich so soko concurred and he summoned the people of Mando and they all gathered at the sacrificial stone and he told them he saw visions permitting the strangers entry.
 When Whitehead settled in Mando he organized a party at the occasion they became drunk with Whitehead hard drug, gin and tobacco he came with so they began to misbehave, later that night Whitehead tells Maligu that he want to have Wara(Kindo wife) and she was captured and kept in the house of Whitehead who tried to rape her but was unsuccessful.
 Later Whitehead told Maligu and Soko that he wants Kindo Dead so that he would take his place, he plans to provoke Kindo to kill Parker (his right hand man) who he said is of no good to him.
 On the day of sacrifice Whitehead plans went as proposed he made the king banish Kindo but before he leaves he reveals the evil plan of Whitehead and kills him.

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 The play begins at the office corridor in the Ministry of External Relations where Ochuole works as the Chief Administrative Officer attached to the Ministry, they ran into each other as former school friends and Aloho laments about her inability to get a job in spite  the fact that she graduated with 2:1, Ochuole then promise to secure a job for her and they both agreed with a date. On getting home she tells Ogeyi(her room mate) the news but she debunks the idea of having anything to do with Ochuole.
 However Aloho who does not know anything about the proposed job she does not know that Madam Hoha and Ochuole plans to give her to Chief Ade Amaka to use her for his devilish work, On the day of the schedule meeting with Chief she was given a job as a protocol officer, upon the assumption of the job she was given a task to travel to US to deliver some documents that later turn out to be cocaine when she was caught at the airport and later bailed.
 Consequently Aloho begins her harvest of corruption when she discovers she is three months pregnant for Chief Ade Amaka, she tries on several occasion to abort the baby but was unsuccessful, consequently she dies after giving birth
to a baby girl, when Ogeyi heard the news she vowed to avenge for Aloho, with the help of the Assistant Commissioner of police (ACP) and Detective Inaku they found out about  all the illicit deeds of Chief Ade Amaka, Madam Hoha, Justice Odili, Ochuole and the CP and they were all sentenced to prison.


The play opens with the Youngers who are about to receive an insurance cheque of $10000, the money came from the Youngers life insurance policy. Everybody in the house have different idea on what to do with the money, the Matriarch of the family (Mama) want to buy a house to fulfill her dream she shared with her husband, Mama son (Walter Lee) on the other hand would rather use the money to invest in a liquor store which he believes can solve all the family financial problems but his wife Ruth agrees with Mama while Beneatha (Walter sister) want to use the money for her medical tuition.
 But later Mama got a house at Clybourne Park which is the white neighborhood when the white discovers this they sent Mr Lindner to offer the Youngers money to stay away from the white settlement but they refused the proposal.
  Why Walter tries to invest the remaining money in the liquor store he ended up losing the money, his friend Willy Harry ran with the money, however, Beneatha reject her suitor (George Murchison) who she believes to be shallow, foolish and blind in issues concerning race but accepts the marriage proposal from her Nigeria boyfriend (Joseph Asagai) who want her to get a medical degree and move to Africa with him.

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The play begins with a prologue which is written by David Garrick.
 The author start first by showing the reader the downstairs room of Mr and Mrs Hardcastle mansion, Dorothy Hardcastle tells her husband that they need a little exposure like a trip to London but Mr Hardcastle  says those who visit the great cities only bring back its silly fashion and vanities, Mr
Hardcastle would always say he loves everything old like old friends,  old books and his wife. Mrs Hardcastle has a son Tony Lumpkin from another man (Mr Lumpkin) and a daughter Kate who is of marriageable age so invites Young Marlow who is his friend son, while Tony is singing and drinking at the state house Hasting and Young Marlow came from London and was asking Tony for direction to Hardcastle home, Tony deceives them as a revenge for Hardcastle maltreatment, he reveals to them that Hardcastle is an ugly cantankerous fellow and Kate is a tall talkative and that Hardcastle son is a pretty good youth that every body likes. Tony then describe the house of Hardcastle to an inn, when they got to Hardcastle house he was mistaken for an inn keeper so he was being given orders, when Sir Charles arrives they laugh about the mix up but Mr Hardcastle still believes that Marlow is rude but Kate disguises as a poor relative to prove this, in the end she reveals herself and the mistake of the night was corrected. So Kate and Marlow, Constance and Hasting got married.